Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Fat Loss and Weight Loss and how each affects you achieving your goals?  I’m going to give you the 2 main differences to help you determine the best course of treatment for you.

Weight Loss or Fat Loss

  1. Fat loss focuses on reducing fat in specific areas of the body, such as under the arm, stomach or thighs.  Weight loss focuses more on pounds lost, which can result in increased energy, mobility and better sleep.
  2. Fat is often reduced with the help of non-invasive body sculpting treatments such as using Laser Sculpt-Lipo or Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation.  Weight loss, on the other hand, is often accomplished with the help of a dietitian who can work with you on proper nutrition and exercise.  Most of our patients find their results are maximized when combining both fat loss and weight loss.

Now that you know the main differences, you’ll be able to take the best course of action to get the summer body you’ve always wanted.  All of these services are available at Newport Body Works & More in Costa Mesa, CA and our expert staff will provide you with excellent care and support.   If you’ve enjoyed learning about this and want to know more, set up an appointment for your free consultation by calling us at 949-629-3934.